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Multiple Asset Class Investing:
Strategies for Inflation, Volatility,
and Principal Protection

By Chris Ciovacco
Ciovacco Capital Management
January 2008

Principal Protection Should Be Your Top Priority During This Credit Crisis and Period of Deleveraging

In 2008 and possibly into 2009, all asset classes may come under pressure. The bull market from 2003-2007 was aided greatly by easy access to credit, which helped drive up prices in almost all asset classes (stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, gold, art, classic cars). As credit contracts and individuals, banks, and numerous corporations attempt to shore up their balance sheets due to falling asset prices, the odds are stacked against investors. Keeping some powder dry to invest when credit conditions improve should be your top priority. It is going to take some time, longer than most people think, to repair the credit markets. When the credit markets improve, patient investors will be presented with some attractive buying opportunities. During bear markets, sharp and powerful countertrend rallies are the norm. As long-term investors, we care about where stocks will be in a year or two, not the next six weeks. Bear markets can last several years and can destroy principal rapidly. After the bear market, inflation concerns will again take center stage.

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Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management Statement of Purpose

To give investors a reasonable probability of producing superior full-market cycle returns under varied market conditions while reducing volatility and providing numerous safeguards against the loss of purchasing power due to inflation.

The objective is to provide the rationale and benefits of multiple asset class investing.

Chris Ciovacco
Ciovacco Capital Management

Atlanta Independent Money Management Atlanta Chris Ciovacco is the Chief Investment Officer for Ciovacco Capital Management, LLC. More on the web at www.ciovaccocapital.com

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